[landing_page_services img_src=”” mission_text=”We are proud to give pets the preventative care and treatments they need to live healthy, happy lives. As a friend and family owned animal clinic with two full-service hospitals, we have the experience and state-of-the-art facilities that your pets deserve. We work hard to make our veterinary services as stress-free as possible for our pet patients at HOSPITAL NAME. That’s why we offer separate hospitals for the kitty cats and the doggies. New smells, sounds, and unfamiliar animals only make things scarier, and our two hospitals help our Brooklyn veterinarians treat their patients without any additional stress.” primary_color=”#0989c2″ accent_color=”#f7901e” address=”123 Main St, My Street, USA 12345″ hospital_name=”The Village Veterinarian” tracking_line=”555-555-5555″ old_line=”555-555-5555″]