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  • vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

About 30% of dogs take supplements for both age-related problems and to achieve optimal health. Here are the most common supplements and their applications. Vitamins – PetTabs & PetCal [...]

Vitamins and Supplements2020-12-30T17:23:11+00:00
  • COVID-19 Statement

Our Official COVID-19 Statement: 12/04/20

Dear Clients: To help our colleagues in human medicine fight the COVID-19 outbreak we have donated supplies to local hospices and hospitals in the New York City area. We [...]

Our Official COVID-19 Statement: 12/04/202021-04-13T18:09:09+00:00
  • Adverse reactions to food in cats

Adverse Reactions to Food in Cats

Do you think your feline friend is having an adverse reaction to their food? Find out what to look for and what you can do to help here! I’m [...]

Adverse Reactions to Food in Cats2020-11-08T22:12:53+00:00
  • Dog in Car

Can’t Take Your Best Friend on Your Trip?

When you’re looking for someone to watch over your pet when you travel, how do you decide which option is best? Start by asking your veterinarian for a list [...]

Can’t Take Your Best Friend on Your Trip?2024-03-28T17:45:40+00:00
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